Do you feel dizzy or unstable?

Know that you are not alone! One in seven people experience vertigo once in their lifetime. You must have experienced it once yourself to understand how it can be anxiety! This explains why most sufferers consider it an emergency!


How can the ENT specialist help you?

First of all, by listening to you because it is through a long and thorough interrogation that the specialist can make a diagnostic hypothesis.
This hypothesis will be confirmed by a complete neurological and ENT examination and especially video-nystagmoscopic examination.
If necessary, the assessment will be completed by a video-nystagmosgraphy with caloric tests and by a video Head Impulse Test (VHIT) which in a few minutes tests the semicircular canals in a painless way.

Newly installed on Tel-Aviv, at the Dizengoff Clinic, my office is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the diagnosis (video-nystagmoscopy, VHIT and video-nystagmosgraphy with caloric tests in the air)?
I propose my expertise and can help you find the cause of your vertigo.