Adult Audiology

  • Do you repeat ?
  • You have the impression to hear but not to understand especially in noisy environment ?
  • Do you tend to stay in a group or restaurant ?

If you have any of these symptoms, you may have hearing loss.


Why is it important to find a hearing problem early ?

First and foremost because there are ways to help you and that auditory rehabilitation has been shown to prevent:
-aggravation of presbycusis (age-related hearing loss)
-the appearance or worsening of cognitive disorders (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease)


How to track it? By doing a hearing test

How does it happen ?
You will hear through a headset, sounds at different intensities and on all frequencies from 125 HZ to 8000 Hz and you will tell to the operator when you hear.
Then, you will have to repeat in your mother tongue (Hebrew or French) lists of words with decreasing intensities.

You will have during the same examination a tympanometry (short and painless examination) which will give an objective way the state of your middle ear

All answers will be reported on a graph called audiogram and that will allow me to tell you what is the importance of hearing loss and whether it comes from the middle ear or inner ear.

At the end of the exam, I will give you the result recorded on a chart that can be easily understood by both French and Israeli doctors who will consult the document and provide a report.