Doctor Esther Harboun Cohen

ENT doctor at Clalit Tel Aviv since 1 November 2016
ENT doctor specialized in Otology and vertigo at Souraski medical center (Ichilov), Professor Flis’ ENT service in Tel Aviv
Creation of a private activity at the Dizengof Clinic since March 2018 focused on the management of vertigo and audiology for adults and children.

Transfer of the liberal activity from Dizengof Clinic to Beit Rophim since januar 2020

Resident ship, fellowship, Consultant Senior MD in department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (Assistance Publique de Paris)

Beit rophim: Harav Reines 18, Tel Aviv

Tel. : ​+972584018308

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Do you feel dizzy or unstable?

​Know that you are not alone! One in seven people experience vertigo once in their lifetime. You must have experienced it once yourself to understand how it can be anxiety! This explains why most sufferers consider it an emergency!
How can the ENT specialist help you?
First of all, by listening to you because it is through a long and thorough interrogation that the specialist can make a diagnostic hypothesis.


In what circumstances is an auditory assessment done (audiogram)?
1/ In the first months of life:
• Systematically because screening was not done at birth.
• Or because there is an impoverishment of the bababa bebebe babbling
• Or because you find your baby too indifferent to noises.
• Or because it starts when you appear in your field of vision.


The most effective equipment is available to the doctor to arrive at a precise diagnosis:
• Examination of the eardrums under a microscope
• Removal of the caps with the calibrated hot water syringe for better comfort, especially for children.
• Visualization of nasal cavities, sinus entry, pharyngo-larynx in fibroscopy or rigid optics.
• Complete auditory and tympanometric assessment in children and adults.